The reunion

Just got in the moment

Stories were rolling

Rolling their way downhill

Blinded by the fog

Streets lights became hazy

The smell of live rain

Grass smeared up

With on car in the avenue

Horny boys on the tail

Gold teeths smiling

Brief look at thine self

I am out of the road

Morning shoes right in the midday

Dress without print

Shoes without tags

I guess simplicity is simple

Just a simple glare

Eyes calibrated

Facial recognition

Just before word uttering

We were locked in

Ten minutes muted

Held my breath in

Till my liver was a balloon

Just in the smear contempt

All she could utter

Was that she is glad

The paralelogram triangled

I am back

Was his only words

Back to my imagination

The lost concience

The long kilometres

Till now i bear the thought

Hoping for more

Written by Adolphas Matarutso


Through the dust

Through the dust

We are rising on our feet

Clearing the run off

Waiting for a take off

The lighthouse is lit

Smoke poofing out

But it just begun

Began with a sad boy

With no man in a man

Just desire and a dream

Aspirations and a vision

Countless of space and time

Hope pleaded guilty

Took away its innocence

But there was a crowbar

Crowbar he couldn’t lift

Yet he was up for it

The chunks of meat taken out

Along with the bar

Came the dust

Blocking his only eye

Suppressing his thin unearthed legs

Barely could he move

Till he saw the light

Corrected his handwriting

Till he could write well again

People did read

Braced for the best

Waited for the rest

Through the dust

He walked on the past

Cause he took the best

Written by Adolphas Matarutso

My robot of dreams

As i try to ravel my hidden dream

I put it all to my mind and faith

Then i realise the gates are open

Open to those with the keys

Yet my fingerprints are incompatible

There i am back to square one

Life is like a robot

Along with its colourful lights

But carrying that meaning

The past like the red light

Hauling all senses of progress

Yet my present takes the amber

Which is preparing for a red light

My future takes the veg colour

Why cant if i hit a red robot?

Could i die instantly?

Or receive just a mere fine?

Can’t i turn the other side?

With my amber on deck

And let the green light catch me

Right on the next robot

And there i am

Shaped by my own principle?

Would i trust myself?

Written by Adolphas Matarutso

Searched and found

They have been writing about you

Mimicked to maych your rhythm

They wrote about you

They acted about you

But they didn’t know you

Still they felt you

Your wamth and your ice

Your sweetness and your bitterness

Sometimes they fought for you

Or they fought for you

The world is bleeding

Yet it is so seeding

Not forgetting gambling

All because of you

Aluded by your thoughts

Took out the sanity

But still we want you

They say it must beat

Beat the human drum

All just for you

Explore the redness

But don’t take it to the top

Unless it is a vouch for victimisation

Despite your uncertainity

I still want you

Cause you add flavour

Right in my Carribean soup

Not the mere passion fill up

But you and you alone

My door is open

Only if you are true

Written by Adolphas Matarutso

In the rocking chair

He stood on the rocking chair

Viewed the city on a dirty glass

Dirt was all he could see

Light shined but not to him

Thinking the woes of suppression

The salty sweat of humility

The bug invested cash box

Or the hunger striken patriot

His vicious mind toiling

Just to elude their minds

With all the smack sweet talk

Guess they took Diesel`s paradigm

Of the tyranny and rebels

Got lost in the world

The new era of reppression

He can elude their minds

But not those of the poets

Nor those that tore his pages

Guess I never knew the legacy

The cycle of erosion in action

Change being the sweet talk

Eluded by our very own

Sour tasteless clear milk

Handed to the commoner

I am going to steal a riffle

But I know you got the margazine

Poison with bullets

All for all

Written by Adolphas Matarutso

Life is but a memory

Life is but a memory

Worth the capture

By analysing the pixels

Searching the light

As well as catching the dawn

Or running to the yellowing sun

Where black becomes yellow

Turn the lenses on

Clean them on spot

Get rid of old lenses

But do play with filters

Photoshop every bad aspect

Or be nature`s good friend

Where it is all natural

Crazy but beautiful

Warp it if you want to add humour

Keep the emojis to your fingertips

When words are short

Read every angle

Even in the continous shots

Let the flashlight flash the light

But most of all never forget this

Saving each moment

Lock it in your cloud

Away from prying eyes

And most of all share

So that they can have dinner stories

Written by Adolphas Matarutso


Sang by elusive musicians

Written by romantic authors

Portrayed by seductive actors

Taught by educated tutors

Exonerated by heartfelt philosophers

Preached by holy pastors

Yet we do not know you

Neither can we see your forms

Just like the weirdo chameleon

Which takes the environment

Just to shield itself

By the tough dynamic touch of color

Yet we do not know you

Clarity is what we seek

Or it is just an eye for a cheek

Is it mearnt to be offered

Wothout it returning the plate

As the humble christians

Yet we do not know you

Is it the double paged contract

Just like the Bill of Rights

Just like the Atheist portray it

Is it just take or give

Or scratch yours and I scratch mine

And still I dont know you

Is it the undying passion

Of the need to be needed

Or just a gap filler

For direct loneliness

Or is it a mutual document

Is it pushed by lust

Lust for the onion shape or the nickel

Still I don’t know you

We dont know you

But still we want you

For us to be better

For us to be human

For us to be desired

And yet we don’t know you

Written by Adolphas Matarutso